Exploring the Blogging Community

I’ve been here a while.  I think it’s time for me to start branching out and exploring the blogging community, and that meant exploring tags.  This was a part of today’s (day 4) “Zero to Hero” challenge by dailypost.  Check it out if you haven’t already seen it!

The tags I explored were:

  • zerotohero
  • music
  • cello
  • writing
  • photography

In each of these topics, I followed a few blogs that looked interesting.  To be honest, I didn’t read through many posts before I decided to follow them.  I like things to be a surprise, so when they show up on my reader it’s like unwrapping a present.  Sometimes this method fails me and I end up following some very strange blogs, or blogs that I end up not being interested in, but that’s okay because I can just unfollow and try again.  Some my favorites were under the photography and music topics, so I think I’ll go explore those some more before stopping my follow spree for today.