School Happened

I don’t mean to offend this blog at all.  When school started again after winter break, I abandoned all of my blogs (Tumblr), not just this one.  Just, school happened.  We had one quick week of review, then finals week, and now that we’ve all recovered from that more work is being thrown at us faster than the speed of light.  With my excuses out of the way, let me give you guys a quick update:

I’m officially driving now!  I got my permit a couple weeks ago on January 10th, and I’ve been out three times since.  The first time, my dad took me out to the local community college parking lot and I just sort of rolled down hills and stopped at certain spots, and he drove back up them.  The second outing was sort of a spur-of-the-moment thing my mom did for me at the middle school across the street from my neighborhood, and I did a bit more actual driving (e.g. gas pedal) here, and I even drove home!  Lastly, the most recent outing, my dad took me back to the community college parking lot and we practiced some basic parking before we adjusted the mirrors and drove around the neighborhood for a bit.  In case it isn’t obvious, I really like driving.  It’s fun, and surprisingly relaxing.

In other news, I failed my math exam (I always fail the district tests), I asked a guy to the Sadie’s dance at my school, auditions for All-State orchestra are in less than a week, and I have reseating auditions for the local youth symphony tomorrow.  Currently I’m 2nd chair, and I would really like to keep that chair.  I like the people I’m sitting near, and I like talking to our conductor (although I think that he’s getting annoyed with me; I should tone myself down a bit.)

I’m super excited for this second semester.  I plan on improving my studying skills because I absolutely stink at studying.  I also want to use my planner more effectively and hopefully achieve an A in math for the first time since 6th grade.  I really do understand all of the concepts that are being taught, and I do alright on the chapter tests and homework quizzes, there’s always just something about the district tests (since my school district standardizes the math final exams) that trip me up really badly.  To add on top of all of that, I got a B on the constructed response portion, which I didn’t study at all for because I forgot we were taking it the day before exams, but I failed the multiple choice portion which I studied for for a week.  Overall I’m just confused: am I smart or am I just not getting something?

Here ends the tales of CJ’s school-and-anything-else-I-have-time-for life.  Tune in later (I think?) for the updated chronicles.


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