The Rose Parade!

This morning, as many of you know, the Rose Parade made it’s way down Colorado Boulevard this New Year’s day, and I had the fortune of seeing it. Luckily, I didn’t have to camp out on a sidewalk all night (we bought tickets in the grandstands), but it was still cramped shoulder to shoulder on the bleachers.

Despite being in one of the back rows, I had a spectacular view of all of the floats, marching bands, and other groups of people who paraded through Pasadena. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience, and through this I have developed a new appreciation for marching bands. Imagine having to walk five miles and play an instrument for most of that time!

I plan on posting the pictures sometime tomorrow or Friday, as soon as I weed out the duds and edit the ones that were salvageable.  The floats were truly amazing, and I think all of them deserved an award.  Funny thing about the awards, a lot of them all generally mean the same thing: they arranged the colors and the flowers nicely and it looks pretty.  Some of the other awards were more diverse.  There was a humorous float award, an innovative float award (which, ironically, broke down in the middle of the parade), president’s choice award, and others.

I think what I’m taking away from all of this is that I’m glad I play a stringed instrument.  We don’t march.

Just kidding, I’m a little deeper than that.

My parents don’t really like crowds, and that’s always been difficult for me because I love being in the thick of things.  I love the city, malls, shopping, anything to get out of the house really.  I love noise.  I think this is why I probably got more good memories out of this whole experience, this trip to LA, than my parents.  They spent a lot of time complaining about the crowds and the noise, and missing out on having a good time, creating memories, and simply going with the flow.  I do love my parents, but sometimes they’re downers.

That about wraps up this first day of 2014.  Seeing the parade was a great start to what promises to be a great year.

Oh, and I’m adding to my New Year’s Resolution list.

4.  Learn how to play the piano.  This is essential if I want to be a professional musician, right?  Well, that’s at least what I’ve always heard.  I’ve been teaching myself here and there, and I got a full keyboard for Christmas, so now seems to be the best time to start learning.


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