A Formal Introduction

I believe I have been writing on this blog for almost a week now, and I have yet to tell you who I am or what I’m even doing here, so that’s what this post is about.

My name is CJ, and I am a sophomore in high school.  I play the cello (as you can see from my URL), and I hope to make a career out of it.  I enjoy just about anything excluding crazy rollercoasters, horror movies, haunted houses, and illegal stuff.  Reading, writing, hiking, and playing my cello are at the top of my favorites list, though.  I am currently learning how to play the piano, how to speak Spanish, and how to get over some horrible stage fright.


I’ve been trying to keep a regular journal since I was in kindergarten.  I’ve written in one on and off throughout the years, but now I’m starting to think that a blog would be better for me.  It’s public, which may help me with my stage fright (I’m not sure how, but I hope it does), and I love technology.  It’s like an online journal.  It’s a place where I can talk about my feelings and what’s happening in my life without being judged, and I wouldn’t feel so bad if I went a couple of weeks without posting anything.  Not only that, I can vent about all of my frustrations to strangers, so the odds of what I say getting back to anyone are slim.  Also, a blog is fun!  I actually started to get back into blogging after I caught up with BBC’s Sherlockso I think this sudden interesting in blogging again stemmed from John Watson’s blog.

As far as topics go, I’m not quite sure yet.  It could range from all of my theories on how Sherlock survived the fall to linking some of my recordings on Soundcloud for you guys to listen to, to talking about my feelings and whatever drama high school decides to bring me (I hope that one will not be frequent).

I think if this blog is successful for a year, I will probably jump for joy, brag about it for months, and then keep writing for another year, and perhaps another.  Keeping up with a regular posting schedule would be a huge accomplishment for me, since I tend to be flaky about those things unless it’s for a grade or for advancing my music career.

Wish me the best of luck!




  1. Hi, CJ!

    It’s so cool to see a fellow high schooler – and a fellow fan of Sherlock (!!!!!!!!!) – participate in the 30 Day Challenge! I look forward to reading your blog and your Sherlock theories! 😀

    Good luck!

  2. Yay cello! Found your blog from the zerotohero forum — great introduction! And, because it bears repeating, yay cello!

    I can hopefully help a little bit about the stage fright — it never really goes away, but you learn to play with it. I tell my students to remember that everyone in the audience is there because they support you — they don’t have adjudicator’s score cards keeping track of your intonation and bowing and expression and phrasing or any of that. They know that you’re still learning, and they are all excited and thankful that you’re willing to share your music (or acting) with them.

  3. Like you I`m a life long journal writer. I believe I started before age 8 but that`s the earliest date on the diaries I kept. I keep two public blogs but I began blogging in a private journal blog in late 2005 that I still keep today.

    I love cello music and don`t play instruments, except my hand drums. I love to sing and have never gotten over stage fright. I used to sing through it anyway and was always glad that I did. Once you are truly into the music your are in the flow and your self consciousness disappears. That`s when you make your best music.

    I have lots of advice on blogging that I won`t bore you with here because I have a blog full of it. 🙂 Best wishes with the zero to hero challenge. I have entered my new timelesstopics.wordpress.com blog in it.

  4. Found your blog on the Zero to Hero forum and I was instantly interested because I play the cello too! I played for 15 years so I definitely understand your feelings about stage fright, but I did learn how to deal with it too!
    Good luck on your Zero to Hero Challenge!

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