My family and I are staying in LA for the new year to see the Rose Parade. There are a lot of events in the days leading up to the parade, and today we saw the Bandfest. Basically, Bandfest is the event where all of the high school and honor bands performing in the Rose Parade get to show off their matching routines. We went because my dad’s friend’s kids are performing in one of the bands. (watch for the Homewood High School marching band!).
Among one of the bands performing today was from Japan! Although it was one of the smallest bands because they had to travel so far, their marching patterns were one of the most impressive.
All of the groups were amazing and they all seemed very deserving of the honor to march in the parade.
I finished The Great Gatsby today on the drive into LA. The end was rather confusing, even though I read the last two chapters three times. Maybe watching the movie will clear things up, since the book wasn’t so clear.
I think that about covers everything for today. We’re currently stuck in horrid LA rush hour traffic, and on top of all of that it’s the day before New Year’s Eve. We were hoping to catch a movie tonight, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.


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